Being a trusted source of security and protection for over 10 years is not something we take lightly. At Defender Pro we want you to feel confident that we'll stand behind you and ensure that your personal information is protected. Whether you're looking for just the essential protection of Defender Pro or the total protection of Defender Pro Ultimate we've got you covered.

Visit our comparison chart and find the product that best suits your antivirus and online security needs.

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Defender Pro Antivirus & Internet Security
Stop viruses, spyware and hijackers before they take control of your computer with the award-winning Defender Pro Antivirus and Internet Security. Defender Pro helps you remove old threats and prevent new ones, keeping you and your family safe.
Defender Pro Ultimate
Defender Pro Ultimate provides you with the all of the tools and security you need to keep your Home Network or Small Business running Virus and Malware Free - while backing up all of your files and documents in our Backup Vault.
Defender Pro Backup Vault
No matter what size, feel confident knowing that no matter what size your files are, Defender Pro Online Backup Vault guarantees those files are backed up and stored safe and secure with our trusted online back–up solution.
Updated Spring 2014
Defender Pro PC Medic
PC Medic features 7 easy–to–use tools with powerful capabilities that will help get your PC running like new again. One click is all you need to repair, clean and speed up your PC.
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Defender Pro FREE Edition
Get the essential antivirus protection you need at the best price - FREE! Enjoy protection from the latest virus threats and malware and keep your computer safe.
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Defender Pro Live Agent
Get top-rated technical support the way you want with just a click. Whether you prefer the phone, email, or live chat, our agents are standing by to help you keep your PC safe, secure, and running great 24/7/365.
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