Sat Apr 20, 2024 - NOTICE: Defender Pro / Defender Care has been made aware of a scam. We are not sending out emails regarding a $299 invoice. Please do not call the number listed on the email because it's a scam.

About us

A leader in Antivirus & Online Security for over 10 Years

Who we are

Defender Pro was created for the sole purpose of providing its users with the best and most innovative online security and computer protection possible, while making it user-friendly and affordable. Here at Defender Pro, we believe that everyone has a right to be protected by the best possible product and security solutions at an affordable price.

With millions of satisfied North American customers, Defender Pro is a leader in providing solutions to help individuals and businesses guarantee the security, availability, and integrity of their information, no matter what.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with rock-solid technology and security solutions that ensure their digital protection goes uncompromised and that it suits their specific security needs. With Award Winning technology solutions, Defender Pro provides a variety of unique security solutions to ensure that every customer is protected the way they need to be protected.

Security and personal protection is something that should never be compromised. And, because we wholeheartedly stand behind this, we 100% guarantee our product will be to your satisfaction.

Help us find the best solution for you to ensure that you get the protection and feeling of safety and security you deserve.

Trusted Innovation

Being a trusted source of security and protection for over 10 years is not something we take lightly. At Defender Pro, we want you, our customer, to feel confident that we will stand behind you and ensure you and your personal information is protected.

With our world relying more and more on computers and the internet individuals and businesses are increasingly relying on computers to access, store and communicate information to our friends, family and clients. But the more we depend on information, the more we place ourselves at risk.

It is that very risk that Defender Pro seeks to eliminate, as we know it is vital for individuals and businesses to have a reliable and trusted security product that provides constant protection from unseen threats and dangerous viral attacks.

Feel confident knowing that we are constantly testing, improving, and developing new features and upgrades for our Defender Pro products to help ensure that our customers always have the very best protection on their computers


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