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Registering Your Product

Once you have installed PC Medic and completed the process via the Set-up Wizard, you can now register for your Product Key using these steps:

Open the program and click on the REGISTER link on the left near the bottom.

Click the ABOUT PC Medic tab.

Click the GET LICENSE KEY button.

Cut and paste your new license key in the designated area.

Click the SUBMIT button.

Once registered, you may choose to ask PC Medic to run a complete scan of your computer and start enjoying optimum PC performance!

Further License Information Your PC Medic software license will remain valid for one year or over the lifetime of the product after purchase. We will send you a reminder notice as the expiration date of your license draws near, so that you will be able to renew.

Questions? As always, please contact us for any assistance at any time. Our highly-trained and friendly Support Technicians are available 24/7 to answer anything you may want to ask!