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Settings Tab

You can create your own custom settings by using the PC Medic Settings menu.


Your default settings will be as follows:

  • Automatically run error scan on application startup (On)
  • Show review errors screen (On)
  • Automatically check for program updates (On)
  • Run at Windows Startup (On)
  • Enable CPU Processes Manager (Off)
  • Enable Software Launch (Off)

But there are several options to select from in choosing various settings including any of the following examples:

  • Check for program updates automatically
  • Allow PC Medic to run error scans automatically
  • Allow PC Medic to run at startup
  • Show a review errors screen

If you are unsure of which settings may work best for you, we are here to help! You may contact us toll-free from 9-5 PST and one of our friendly Support Technicians will be glad to assist.