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Understanding the Scan Results

As PC Medic discovers the errors that may be present on your computer, you may want to have an actual understanding of the potentially confusing information that is displayed in front of you, especially if you have elected to use the licensed version of PC Medic that will not only diagnose the issues, but also take care of them for you.

Before you start the decision-making process, deciphering which files you should approve for removal, let us break down for you some information pertaining to some of the errors that may be found:

COM and ActiveX Controls
These are similar to "plug-ins" or "add-ons" that some websites require in order for you, for example, to access certain interactive features on their site. However, these controls have been known to cause security problems since they are not restricted from doing things such as monitoring your browsing habits, installing malware, generating pop-ups, and so on. PC Medic can ensure that any of these controls installed on your PC are valid and not malicious, as well as remove any entries that may be corrupt.

File Extensions
A File Extension is a connection between a "file type" and the "application" that can open that file. If, for example, you have a media program installed on your computer capable of playing audio files, then your .mp3 files associate with that media program in order for it to open and begin playing. Sometimes, WINDOWS may become confused and try to associate a certain file with the wrong application, thus resulting in an error message. PC Medic can help clear up any area of association confusion here!

Shared DLLs
Dynamic Link Library files (DLL files) are similar to Executable files (EXE files) that allow multiple software programs to share functionality. Because of this separation, where some of the shared files may exist outside of a particular program, there is potential for problems or errors to occur. PC Medic will address any issues with these types of files.

Appication Paths
An Application Path (App Path) is the path that is followed in order to retrieve certain files that are needed to access and run a program on your computer. If an obstacle gets in the way anywhere along that path, errors may be expected. Any deleted or moved entries in your registry, for example, would essentially be the equivalent of a tree falling across your path! PC Medic can ensure your pathway is always clear!

Each letter or number font style on your PC has a separate registry entry file. Error messages will appear if for example the application you are using tries to access a certain font that has become invalid as a result of that particular entry being moved or deleted. PC Medic can check all the fonts in the registry and remove invalid entries to correct these types of errors.

Uninstall Entries
After certain programs are uninstalled/deleted from your PC, there are usually remains of dead files and entries found lingering in your registry. These entries can cause your computer to run slower and impede performance. Running a PC Medic scan will locate these stubborn files and rid you of them!

Help Files
Help Files are like User Guides that are located within your operating system. Any software programs that you may have installed on your PC will also generally each have their own "User Guides". Sometimes, unfortunately, certain entries decide to play hide and seek and go missing. This results in error messages or alerts that the file you are trying to access is invalid. PC Medic can help locate the missing culprits and fix any errors in the process.

MRU List
Your Most Recently Used (MRU) list of files shows your recent history of visited web pages, or documents you have opened or worked on for example. It is supposed to be for your convenience so that you may quickly access your most recent work. However, if you were to move one of those files to a new location, you will more than likely see errors. Also, beware that sometimes if there may be unknown spyware on your computer, it can use your MRU list against you! PC Medic can address these issues for you.